How to install a pressed cane seat.

Material list: Pressed Cane about 1" bigger than all the dimensions of the opening, spline to go around the edge in the groove, Elmer's wood glue, 4 or 5 wooden wedges, utility knife, hammer and a damp rag. Allow a 5-hour time span for this project.

Prepare the chair by gluing any loose rungs or parts that are loose. Take out ALL the old spline and any remaining parts of cane. This groove must be very clean. You can use vinegar to dilute the old glue if necessary.
seat without cane enlargement of seat without cane

Cut the cane sheet about 1" larger than all the dimensions of the opening. Soak the cane sheet in tepid or warm water for 4 hours.

step 2, pressed cane step 2 soak the cane
Prepare the spline by making sure it fits in the groove with a little play. The groove will have the spline and 2 layers of cane when you are finished. You don't want it too loose either. A square opening would require 4 pieces of spline that are mitered at the corners. Have these pieces cut and ready to go.
show spine in seat
Start pounding the cane into the front edge of the chair using the wooden wedge and keeping the lines of the cane straight with the chair. Pound the cane into the back edge of the chair, then each side, again using the wedges, and leaving them in the groove if necessary to keep the cane in place. When the cane is pounded into all the edges of the chair, make sure there is about a 1/2 inch play in the tension of the cane. Put glue in the groove on top of the cane. Pound the spline into the groove all around the cane. Cut off the excess cane on the outside of the spline with the utility knife.
step 4, pressed cane wedges
step 4, pressed cane second wedge
step 4, pressed cane  in groove
step 4, pressed cane glueing
step 4, pressed cane insert spline step 4, pressed cane trim edge
After the cane dries, check for anymore sharp edges that need trimmed off the cane around the outside of the spline. A color may now be applied to the cane to darken the surface. "EASY ON" spray lacquer and stain is an easy product to use. Enjoy your new cane chair seat!
step 5, enlargement of finisheed seat
step 5, finished seat


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