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Which Ostomy pouch is best for you? : Drainable or closed pouch?

Ostomy is a lifesaving procedure, though it sounds very dangerous. Initially, it is very hard to accept this dramatic change but gradually you will learn to live with it. If you are a newly ostomate, you will come to know that there are several types of Ostomy products and accessories accessible in the market nowadays. These products can help you out to make your Ostomy life easy and your daily routine hassle-free. You just need to choose the right product for you, which will go easily along with your stoma.

What is an Ostomy Pouch?

After the formation of the stoma, the waste from the body leaves the body and is collected in a pouch that is worn outside over the stoma. This is called an Ostomy pouch. It has two main types:

  • Closed-end pouch
  • Open-end pouch or drainable pouch

Which type of Ostomy pouch is best for you: a Drainable pouch or closed pouch?

Depending upon the kind of your Ostomies such as colostomy or urostomy, you may find it hard to decide which type of pouch can be the right choice for you according to your choice and needs. This article is specially written for you to help you put in learning the types of pouches and decide the best one for you. You will learn the uses and benefits of the pouches in the piece mentioned below.

Drainable pouch

Drainable pouches are also called open pouches as they have an open end that can be sealed or closed by using clamps, seals or press, and Velcro, etc. This allows you to drain out the pouch and use it again. Some commonly used drainable pouches are Convatec pouches, SUR-FIT Natura. These pouches have a long tail at the end which can be easily drained in the toilet seat. These types of pouches allow safe and easy drainage. These pouches provide a sense of great security and comfort so that you feel confident and easy all the time.

  • These types of pouches are best for storing urine or watery bowel movements (not well-formed).
  • These pouches are needed to be changed frequently like closed pouches so you need them in less quantity.
  • These pouches can give you a tough time while emptying the thick or well-formed bowel movements.
  • You can easily empty and clean the pouch, before disposing of it off.
  • These pouches should be emptied once they are half-filled with the waste.
  • The closing part or outlet must be well cleaned after emptying the pouch. You should make you’re there is no contamination left behind, otherwise, it will lead to the infection.

Which type of individuals should use this pouch?

The drainable or open-end pouch is best for those who have undergone ileostomy or need to change their pouch frequently, many times throughout the day. Some specially designed pouches along with closeable drainage taps or valves can be used for the urostomy also. Drainable pouches or bags are easier going, reliable than frequently disposing of offs the pouch and reapplying a new one.

Closed pouch

  • Closed-end pouches are permanently sealed at the bottom, there is no opening.
  • Closed-end pouches can be used only once and then you need to dispose of them off. You need to keep a large quantity of these pouches with you.
  • Usually, these pouches need to be changed out three times each day, but the exact frequency depends on the output from your stoma and the advice of your doctor or Ostomy nurse.
  • These types of pouches are preferred during some activities such as swimming, intimacy, they provide an additional sense of security ensuring that there is no orifice through which waste can pass out.
  • You can use closed-end pouches in case of well-formed and thick stool output.
  • You need to change this pouch even if you are not at home or you are in a public place. So you should keep this point in mind if you are going out for something.

Which individuals should use this pouch?

If your stomal output is not very high or there is less frequent discharge from the stoma, and you need to change the pouch one or two times every day.

Both of these pouches are very good and protective. Many uses are depending on the type of your Ostomy and stool output. It also depends on your personal needs and choice. You should always choose the pouch which provides you a sense of security and comfort. You can consult with your health expert in this matter. He will guide you in detail and you can select the best and right pouch for you.

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