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What are Ostomy Wafers? Some common types of Wafers

No matter if you are a new ostomate or you have been an Ostomy patient for a long time, you would have known a lot about Ostomy supplies and the Ostomy accessories accessible in the market nowadays. It’s very appreciative that there are a lot of options for each patient, but you need to select the best one for yourself. 

This article is written to help new and older ostomates to provide them with the latest information about Ostomy products. In these articles different types of wafers or skin, barriers have been discussing because it is the most discusses topic among Ostomy patients.

What do you mean by a Wafer?

Ostomy pouching system mainly comes in two types:

  • One-piece pouching system
  • Two-piece pouching system

One-piece pouching system: In this type of pouching system, there is no separation between the wafer and the pouch. This is useful for the individual who does not require changing their pouch frequently. For example, patients with urostomy mostly prefer drainable bags because they don’t need any urge to change their pouch often.

Two-piece pouching system:  In this type of pouching system there is a separation between wafer and pouch. This allows the quick changing of the Ostomy pouch. It is mostly used by the individuals who use closed pouch rather than drainable pouches, or for those who change the pouches frequently. It also minimizes the wear and tear of skin avoiding frequent removing and attaching the wafer many times.

What are some accessible types of wafers?

Since the size and shape of the stoma are different for every person, there are three basic kinds of wafers that are now available on the market and online:

Pre-cut wafers: These types of wafers are the best options for spherical stomas. The user does not need to making any changes or cutting in shape and size. But the stomal shape and size of all individuals are not the same.

Cut-to-fit wafers: 

These types of wafers have already printed traces of the sizes. This can be used as a guide and enable the user to cut it according to his or her stoma shape and size. This type is the best decision for people who have an irregular stoma or have varying sizes and shapes.

Moldable wafers: This is the latest type of wafer. Moldable wafers give the same services as the cut-to-fit wafer but there are some additional benefits. These are manufactured by flexible, stoma-friendly material, which enables the user to fold it back snugly by using the thumbs or fingers to the perfect size and orientation. There is no need for a scissor. Once the wafer is folded It can be located on the skin over the stoma, just like the other barriers. The moldable wafers allow the wafer to be attached more cozily-turtle necking. This offers thoroughgoing comfort and avoids leaking, which is the main problem with the Ostomy pouches.

Flat Vs. Convex Wafers

As you know all the individuals have different and unique stoma sizes and shapes, everybody’s prostration also differs in length. Although some people have a major protrusion over the skin, some people have a flat laying stoma or sometimes it may be slightly into the body.

Flat wafers:

For individuals whose stoma protrudes out of the body almost one inch or more than a quarter by inch, flat wafers are the best option. This is very flexible and helps in contouring and concealing the pits and uneven skin near the stoma. This can cause leakage if people with shallow or flat skin try to use these pouches. As the flat stomas don’t protrude easily into the pouch so that’s why it can cause underneath leakage and cause irritation of the skin.

Convex wafers

In some situations, when the stomal protrusions are short or the stomas are flat with the skin or move inwards in the skin, convex wafers are the best option. It allows the wafer to be placed exactly around the stoma according to its shape. This forms a protrusion which allows the stoma to be drained easily in the pouch and prevents any possible leakage. Convex wafers though are not very flexible just like flat wafers, but these types of wafers save a lot of time and prevent many issues for people with short stomas and spherical abdomen.

You can consult with your Ostomy nurse while selecting the wafer for you. You can also find your best products at online stores.

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